Marriage: Respect the Husband for his Wife



Respect is a divine instinct and a psychological need that all human beings need. God creates people and loves people who show respect for them. Respect is a sign of love, attention, and appreciation, a sign of love for both spouses. To his wife, which is as follows:

1. Visual communication during a conversation

Looking at the wife during the interview is a sign of respect for her husband, and it is evidence that he is a good listener, unlike a husband who does not respect his wife and does not pay attention to what the wife says, and remains busy with his phone or watching television.

Sharing feelings

A husband who shares his wife’s feelings and responds to her is it feelings of joy or sadness is a husband who respects his wife, and the wife must take into account the feelings of her husband, especially if he is sad.

Protect The Wife

The husband must defend the wife when he hears abusive words from any member of his family; he must defend them by respecting them, but he must solve the problem in an amicable manner without losing his family. This applies to the wife; She must defend her husband in his presence and absence, whether the insult is issued by her family or his family.

Respect wife’s feelings

The husband must appreciate the wife’s feelings and not ridicule them or disrespect them, regardless of their educational background or intellectual level.


The husband’s spending on his wife is a sign of respect for her. A husband whose family and wife is not enough to humiliate his wife is a man who does not respect his wife, and there are a number of misconceptions among a group of women and men in marriage. The category of women who decide not to respect the husband because of the lack of respect for them, which is wrong because the man deals with others ethics is not ethics, but the category of men who decide not to respect the wife in order not to exceed it

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2. The manifestations and reasons for the husband’s lack of respect for the wife

The manifestations of the husband’s lack of respect for his wife

There are a number of manifestations that indicate the husband’s lack of respect for his wife, which is as follows:

  • Lack of appreciation of the wife and humiliation by saying and doing.
  • Talking about the wife is not easy to take out the privacy of the house.
  • The wife is described as unloved in front of parents and children.
  • Deforming the birth characteristics of the wife, such as height, shortness or shape.

Reasons for husband’s disrespect for his wife

There are a number of things that cause the husband to respect his wife, the most important of which are:

  • There is a belief in the husband that the woman is weak and can be beaten and insulted.
  • Parents interfere in the couple’s life.
  • Lack of knowledge in the etiquette and transactions of married life, while not creating the ethics in those transactions.
  • Neglecting the wife in appearance and cleanliness of the house.

3. Solutions for getting respect for the husband

There are some solutions that must be followed in order to get the wife to respect her husband, which is as follows:

  • The wife performs her marital duties with love because love helps to hide all the disadvantages.
  • The couple solved their marital problems away from family and relatives. The wife spoke
  • With all praise and appreciation for his wife during his absence, especially in front of the family and relatives.
  • Practice the etiquette of dialogue with the husband with interest and not interrupt or ridicule.
  • Conduct research to correct misconceptions, as well as learning marital etiquette.
  • Patience to the husband and the mistakes he makes, while seeking to be corrected affectionately.
  • Appreciate the wife to her husband and put him in the position he deserves.
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4. Tips for Successful Marriage

Married people want to have a happy and successful marriage, so you should follow some tips for it, and the most important of these tips are the following:

  • The appreciation of the other party, be it through the expression and appreciation of husband and wife even with the passage of long years of marriage.
  • Thanks to the other party for all things, although simple because this will encourage the husband or wife to do the same.
  • The parties must be accustomed to honesty because this will increase trust between the parties.
  • Interest in appearance even with a busy daily business.
  • There is a lot of words that the wife should not say before the husband and vice versa.
  • Rationalism in the face of the problem by overlooked and forgotten.
  • Life is not perfect; because it contains a lot of emotional states in marriage.
  • The kindness of the other party and this shows through his participation in the things he loves, but not liked by the other party.
  • Maintain the passion and intimacy with the other party.

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