How To Eat Yourself Healthy Food

Raw Food Basics

How To Eat Yourself Healthy

Eating food is basic. Be that as it may, eating Food straightforward is a standout amongst the most troublesome things today. There isn’t sufficient natural spring water accessible to all. What’s more, we are not ready to process crude wild green grasses and plants any longer. Furthermore, there is allurement of shoddy junk food all over the place.

Junk food isn’t natural. Natural alone will persevere. Natural eating has persisted for a great many years. While never spending billions of dollars on showcasing. Eating basic and natural is just presence of mind. A blunder does not move toward becoming truth as a result of rehashed publicizing. Nor does truth move toward becoming blunder since no one sees it.

What you eat each day communicates your need. Is your need to be healthy, vigorous and glad? Improve the world a place? Or then again do you want to not thinking or plan, destroy television at home, remain in your usual range of familiarity, and be acknowledged and enjoyed by others. This is the thing that you need to ask yourself. What is your actual need? Choose and live by it.

Your need is your objective. To remind yourself every day and propel yourself to seek after it, record your own particular objective a paper and stick it on your ice chest, make it your PC secret word, set a caution in your schedule to remind you frequently, post a rousing statement or picture in your restroom or mirror, read books about the subject, tune in to tapes, watch DVDs and go to gatherings where the subject of your objective is talked about. Separate your objective in little and simple to do regular undertakings. At that point simply go.

1. What To Eat

I get a kick out of the chance to eat food uncooked on the grounds that when it’s crude, it is brimming with catalysts, effortlessly absorbable minerals and life constrain.

Food is viewed as crude on the off chance that it is never warmed over 42 C/118 F degrees. Moreover, I like it as new (and wild) as could be expected under the circumstances. Furthermore, obviously free of additive, pesticides, light and hereditary control.

Healthy Food

Focus on the following food groups:

  1. Green leafy vegetables
  2.  Sea Vegetables (Nori, Kelp, Dulse, Irish Mosh, etc.)
  3.  (Wild) Herbs & Spices (e.g. Basil, Stevia, Garlic, Cilantro, Ginger, Chili Pepper, Mint)
  4.  Medicinal Mushrooms (e.g. Shiitake, Maiitake, Reishi, Chaga)
  5. Super foods (= food that supplement thick): e.g. crude chocolate, goji berries, youthful coconut water, green powders.
  6. Wheat grass & Sprouts
  7. . Seeds (flax, hemp, chia, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower).
  8. Food fermented with pro-biotics: e.g. (uncooked) sauerkraut, pickles, beverages, miso.
  9.  Clean and superb drinking water.
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Join these foods with a casual lifestyle, cheerful considerations and being straightforwardly grounded to the earth. Uncover your skin and eyes to some immediate daylight consistently and supernatural occurrences may happen.

How To Prepare

You can practically eat the same on a crude food diet as you would on a cooked diet. What is the most striking distinction, other than de fixings, is the readiness of your food. The accompanying arrangement strategies are to:

  1. Ensure that your food remains below 42 C/118 F degrees
  2. Get a preferred consistency
  3. Make your food easily absorbable and/or
  4. Conserve your food

Preparation Healthy Food Methods

Here are the most utilized readiness strategies for influencing crude food to dish.

  1.  Juicing
  2.  Blending
  3.  Dehydrating
  4.  Cutting


Juicing is a way to get the liquid (juice) out of a vegetable or fruit. The fiber is taken out,
the juice is left. This is a way to get concentrated vitamins and minerals that are extremely
easy for your body to absorb. The nutrients may enter your blood stream within 20 minutes.

There are three kind of juicers:

  1. Citrus juicers (orange juice);
  2. Centrifuge juicers (carrots);
  3. “Slow” juicers (greens).

Citrus juicers are the ones you use for lemons and oranges. You can buy some hand juicers for about 5 USD. I have shoddy glass one I use for rapidly squeezing lemon juice.

Centrifuge juicers are quick and easy to use. They work well for harder fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, cucumber, celery, ginger, beets. You can also use them for whole lemons and oranges (peeled!). You may try to put in some greens, but they don’t get much juice out of them. They extend in cost from 50 – 500 USD.

Slow Juicers are best utilized for green verdant vegetables and grasses. In any case, they additionally work for apples, carrots and cucumbers. They are the most costly, by and large are more work to juice (may need to pre-cut) and to clean. Be that as it may, they are stopped and extricate the most squeeze. Besides, they by and large give you the best quality juice and supplements in light of included magnets or potentially a gentler method to treat the create.

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Blending is a way to cut produce so small that it becomes a smooth soup, or “smoothie”. High quality high speed blenders such as Blendtec and Vitamix cut the food so tiny that they the cell wall is broken. This makes it easy for you to absorb tough vegetables. Blending uses the whole food, thus the fibre remains.

You can mix natural products, vegetables, greens, super foods, water, nuts, seeds, and so forth. You can make icy or warm smoothies, sweet or healthy.

Vitamix and Blendec are the best blenders. They are quite an investment but well worth it because you will use them often.


Dehydrating is a way to dry your food and take the water out. Once dehydrated, you can store your food in a air tight container or plastic bag. It is also a way to make the food crunchy and often used as an alternative to conventional baking.

Since the food ought to stay “raw” it can’t be got dried out in typical broiler however. Most ideal approaches to dry out are to give the food a chance to sun dry or utilize a unique dehydrator (i.e. Excalibur). Different routes are to utilize your radiator or your ordinary broiler on the least temperature.

On the off chance that you might want to make gourmet food, I would positively get one. Something else, this machine wouldn’t be over my rundown. It’s huge, costly and getting dried out at low temperatures takes by and large 6 – 24 hours for your food to be prepared.


You can cut your food with sharp knifes, a shaper, mandoline or food processor. Sharp knifes are essential while getting ready crude food and obviously a cutting board.

A hand shaper is simple when you have to cut numerous onions or nuts. Its a bit a problem to clean them.

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A food processor is decent on the off chance that you need to make a pesto. Hence something not totally smooth (which it will get in the event that you place it in your blender) or for utilizing littler amounts. I utilize my hand blender for this and heartbeat, or utilize the food processor part of my hand blender. I would just utilize a food processor for bigger amounts. (I for the most part plan crude food for only for 1 or 2 Peoples).

A mandoline are for entertainment only. You can make pleasant shapes, for example, potato shapes, ribs, or exceptionally thin cuts. Generally cheap and pleasant to have, yet not an absolute necessity.

What Food To Choose

With a specific end goal to get ready delightful and healthy dinners pick the most elevated quality food. This will colossally affect the achievement of your dish. Particularly, search for natural, crisp and nearby in the event that you can.

Since you are utilizing crisp items the proposed fixings in the fixings rundown of the formulas may must be balanced by the size or wellspring of the food.

A tip: thus, begin with just a large portion of the measure of the recorded elements of flavors that are fiery or solid, for example, cayenne pepper or ginger. Taste and afterward include increasingly on the off chance that you like. Along these lines you stay away from that you will “ruin” your dish with a lot of ginger or garlic.

Food Safety

When preparing raw food it’s important to be hygienic and store your edibles safely.

  • Be careful with cutting boards, knifes and plates and wash your hands before preparing and eating your meals.
  • Buy only foods from sources you trust.
  •  Refrigerate your food.
  •  Don’t leave edibles out of the fridge for more than two hours (especially the pate’s, nut milks and animal foods).
  •  You can use food grade hydrogen peroxide to disinfect your food (1 drop is more effective than cooking).
  •  Don’t eat in restaurants, that you don’t know and where food isn’t prepared before your eyes, hygiene is practiced strictly or where few people come to eat…

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