The Best Traditional Moroccan Food you Should Try it


The Best Traditional Moroccan Food you Should Try it

The Moroccan Kingdom is famous for its traditional dishes. Dishes Despite their authenticity, they are still the lady of the dishes that are served at various official and family occasions. Delicious dishes for varied eaters that combine meat, vegetables and chicken. Dishes are usually not served individually. On different occasions, at least three dishes are served. As a visitor to Morocco, do not miss the taste of these dishes and enjoy the varied food that brings together the various dishes in an appetizing way. There are many dishes in the Moroccan regions, where there are many famous cuisine in the regions of Morocco, different cultural, linguistic and geographical. But the dishes we will give you was famous in most parts of the Kingdom, and received a great response from visitors and lovers of traditional dishes at home and abroad.

So do not miss the opportunity to eat five Moroccan dishes, which we offer you as follows:

1. Moroccan Couscous:


A traditional Moroccan dish made from soft wheat flour from barley, or wheat with the addition of vegetables of various kinds, shapes and meats. The couscous is prepared in a small perforated vase called couscous, which allows hot steam to pass through the couscous, steam coming from the bottom pot where the vegetables and meat are cooked. The couscous dish acquired Moroccan fame and became the main dish for various Moroccan families and coffee shops on Friday.

2. Tagine:


The Moroccan clay tajine is famous for its flavor and variety. It is a dish made from either vegetables, meat or chicken. The most famous of Moroccan tawagins is tajim plum or almonds and eggs which is served on various occasions. The tajine dish is usually prepared on top of coal until it gets more tantalizing, and takes its time of cooking. What is shown in the Tajin is meat and vegetables, but it is made of different materials by adding olives and dry fruits with a mixture of Moroccan spices.

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3. B’stilla:


The pastilla dish is a pastry dish in a thin sheet, a salted or sweet dish containing chicken, meat, fish, almonds, eggs and honey with a little saffron and other spices. Sprinkle after serving with cinnamon and sugar powder until served as a savory solution to the guests.

4. Harira:


Harira is one of the main soups and soups in the Kingdom of Morocco. It is one of the pillars of Moroccan cuisine. It is famous for its great cooking in the holy month of Ramadan, as a full meal and an appetizer. As it contains many benefits countless, because of the containment of many varieties of vegetables, meat, oil, and according to the location of delicious dishes, have a calorie meal at two hundred and fifty grams, and four hundred and twenty grams of calories.

5. Tangia:


Tangerine dish is one of the most famous dishes of Marrakech, Morocco. The fame of the city earned the dish its reputation in Morocco and abroad. A delicious dish prepared mainly from meat, garlic, saffron, sour and margarine. It is a delicious dish, served as a hot dish for guests. The dish is usually cooked with traditional ovens located in popular neighborhoods. Many cafés and hotels offer the dish to visitors.

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