What are Best Fitness Exercises?



Squatting exercise

This can be done by standing, keeping the distance between the feet equal to the width of the shoulders, making the back straight, bending the knees and lowering the buttocks. The position of the body is close to the position of the body. Sitting on the chair, and can be added to this exercise to hold the weight, this helps to achieve the desired physical fitness

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises, or endurance exercises, help keep your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy. Exercise also improves your body’s fitness. Examples include speed walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

Resistance exercises

Resistance exercises are fitness exercises, which are exercises that increase muscle strength, such as: lifting weights and heavy objects, and the use of resistance tools.

Flexibility exercises

Flexibility exercises from fitness exercises are very important, they extend the muscles of the body, and maintain the fitness of the body, and yoga is an example of flexibility exercises that help to move all members and muscles of the body.

Develop a fitness training system

Fitness exercises are based on the principle of observing the body’s adaptation to the type of training. It is worth mentioning that the exercise of fitness should be improved by increasing the exercise that is performed. For example, weight must be gradually increased to improve body strength, Exercise, or long distance training.

How to Get Fitness

Getting ready for fitness starts with:

Take it slow: walking or riding a bike instead of a car when going to school or visiting someone, such as stopping the bus ahead of the house at a certain distance, walking the rest of the road, or climbing the stairs by foot. On foot instead of using an electric elevator. Practice exercises that increase the size of the pump

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Heart: Be sure to go to aerobic exercises that increase the heart rate and increase the difficulty of breathing, as these exercises increase the level of fitness and improve the performance of the heart and lungs, and burning fat in the body, Examples of aerobic activities basketball, running or swimming.

Exercising warm-up exercises: Some warm-up exercises and stretching exercises can be performed before any physical activity to protect the muscles from injury and to maintain flexibility of muscles and joints, with some stretching exercises after completing the exercise for muscle relaxation.

Follow new health habits

  • To ensure fitness, follow these habits:
  • Stop eating pans, sugars, fats, processed foods,
  • And replace them with foods that contain higher amounts of protein.
  • Eat slightly fewer calories than burning.
  • Drink about four and a half liters of water daily.
  • A simple exercise for thirty minutes, three times a week every two days.
  • Exercise strength training for thirty minutes three times a week on a two-day basis.
  • Sleep for at least eight hours a day.
  • Taking positive people to enjoy the exercise and motivate the person to continue to do so.

Change the routine

It is important to start with the exercise of physical fitness to identify and know the appropriate exercise appropriate to the nature of the body, which does not exhaust the body and feels the pleasure, not to mention the importance of creating an atmosphere of fun and activity in the exercise room, for example: can play music to practice the music and thus the feeling of enjoyment During the exercise, it is worth mentioning here the importance of diversification in exercise and change every period to break boredom.

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