Some Morning Exercises Can Improve Your Health!

Morning Exercises

Doing some Morning exercises, you will have a better mod to complete your day. You get more power and you will be a better colleague, friend or partner. That exercise has a definite role in treating this condition and has an important role in preventing people from relapsing. According to A lot of studies, scientists have now established that exercise also boosts your brain power.

1. Morning walk

Walking in the morning is a good practice for the different ages. Start walking for 10-15 minutes and gradually increase the time. For example, you can walk with a friend for 15-20 minutes every morning.

2. Yoga

You can start your day with flexibility and balance exercises by practicing yoga for a few minutes. Yoga exercises are one of the most effective exercises in reducing stress. It also helps to relax the body, build strong muscles, prepare the body for exercise, increase activity, and must It is important to note the need to attend yoga exercises in order to learn how to practice it. After learning, you can practice it individually at home.

3. Strength training

Exercise can be practiced in the morning, by lifting dumb dumbbells and lifting weights that help to support body weight. Strength exercises help maintain cardiovascular safety. The Harvard School of Public Health shows that active muscles burn a lot of calories, Weight, so it is recommended to exercise strength exercises of 5-10 minutes, taking care to take a break for five minutes.

4. Jump and squat exercise

It is advisable to exercise in the morning or jump in the morning, which is as follows: [1] Jumping for 10 cycles or more, depending on the strength and fitness level of the person. This should be done within 3-5 minutes.

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5. Exercises on the shoulders

Exercises can be applied to the shoulders through the following: standing on the feet, lifting the hands towards the shoulders, then returning the elbows to the side, and lifting the hands to the top, ie to the starting point, and so on. Repeat the shoulder pressure exercise for 15-20 times.

6. Benefits of practicing morning exercises

The importance of morning exercise stems from the following:

  • Today’s activity: Physical morning exercises such as walking, jogging, etc. help to enhance productivity, increase the chances of activity, concentration, and organization of the individual. Sports is one of the most common practices that give a person a sense of activity and happiness. Thus morning exercise produces more energy and vitality.
  • Enhance creativity: Morning exercises increase personal creativity, and many studies have shown increased creativity in the context of mental relaxation, where regular exercises work on the awakening and creativity of the mind.
  • Improve mood: Exercise improves mood, increasing the production of happiness hormones, which improve mood and achieve well-being.
  • Sleep Improvement: Early waking work for morning exercises works to go early to sleep, thus sleeping more easily than before.

“Early morning exercises can help increase morning energy, as the body temperature will rise, and adrenaline levels will increase for several hours after exercise,” Dr. Marks said. “This in itself is an incentive for morning exercises. Research also suggests that exercise Morning exercises before breakfast helps burn a large amount of fat, and leads to weight loss more than exercise after breakfast.

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