Benefits of pressure exercises for the body


Pressure Exercises

There are many types of exercise and vary according to the objective of the sport, there are many games and exercises that do not need to exercise any type of sports tools whatsoever, and such exercises give the human body a very great benefit, which makes it able to improve the quality of the body And make it capable of doing many important and perhaps even daunting benefits. It also protects the human body from serious diseases such as the heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. These diseases mainly result from high body mass to abnormal limits, and the excess mass is the basis of every disease undisputed.

One of the most important exercises that help to achieve the great benefits of all those exercise exercises known as pressure exercises, which do not need any kind of tools to do, in exchange for a great benefit for the exercise, and can exercise pressure through lying on the abdomen On the ground, then use the hands to raise the body gradually, and then come back down also gradually, with the repetition of these movements as much as possible, and the following are some of the most important benefits of exercise this exercise.

Benefits of pressure exercises

  • These exercises are one of the most exercises that help to strengthen the human body, specifically the muscles of the chest, which is also one of the easiest exercises to this end because it does not need equipment ready.
  • Helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles of the exerciser, and from it exercises pressure helps to strengthen many muscles of the body at once.
  • It is one of the best body exercises that help strengthen the front shoulder, not only for bodybuilding enthusiasts but also for those who want to strengthen their bodies.
  • Helps in reducing body mass, by increasing the burning of body fat, when the completion of the exercise, the muscles spread some very light tears, which need to process fast metabolism in order to heal again.
  • Helps to increase the supply of human body energy necessary to improve the various activities that a person needs to do on a daily basis, all people who are looking for an increase in their physical strength, vitality, and activity must be directly committed to this type of exercises important and useful.
  • Helps to change the shape of the whole body and make it more beautiful, like other exercises that care about the beauty of the bodies and strength at the same time.
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Pressure Exercises Types

Low-pressure exercise

This exercise focuses on the upper part of the chest muscles and the front of the shoulders. It is performed by placing the legs on a high surface, placing the hands on the ground, and then starting the exercise by pressing the ups and downs.

Pressure exercise using a medicine ball

This exercise is performed by placing both hands on the medical ball, extending the feet back, bending the elbows and lowering the chest towards the ball, then lifting one of the hands off the ball and placing it on the ground while keeping the other hand on the ball, To start position and perform exercise with the other hand.

Plyometric Exercise

The exercise is an advanced pressure exercise, recommended for upper body strength. It is performed by taking the plank position and then starting to lower the body using the elbows, taking into account the straight back and facing the chest of the ground. Of the body with maximum force using the elbows, then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

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